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Some of this most of you will have read somewhere or other on the internet, but let’s face it. I’m tired of retyping all the same nonsense over and over again. So what you’re getting is the condensed, at some point I took the time to care version. I’ll add bits for the “writer” aspect of me. But needless to say, this is the generic about me I copy/paste everywhere.

Geek. Dork. Nerd. Gamer. Girl. Virgo. Horse. Ex-Smoker. Aspiring Writer. Crafty girl. Music lover. Avid Reader. Realist. Friend. Lover. Philosopher. Crocheter. Knitter. Romantic. Perfectionist. Dreamer. Student. Worker. Artist. EWorld of Warcraft addict. Ex-Everquest addict. Tattooed. Wife of David Tennant and Matt Smith (not really).

I’m deinera on ravelry. It’s dangerous there.
My shop on etsy.
I can be found on flickr as well.
I am a proud iPhone 4 owner, but not an Apple fangurl.
Find me as sugarfalls on the Nanowrimo site.
I have a Twitter account.
The twitterverse has accepted my WoW obsession.

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