The creation of the first pattern for sale.

When I first started getting these brilliant ideas for various patterns, I always thought the hardest part was remembering to write down changes, and keep track of what I was doing. Since so much is largely experimental, I had to remember what I was doing and what I was changing. I’ve come to learn that the hardest thing is taking good pictures of your creation FOR the pattern.

When I first made Pepe, I took a few pictures on my iPhone, but I never expected those to actually be the photos used for the pattern. Especially since I took no shots of his tushy. And that I was playing around with HDR settings because I was taking the photos under some pretty shitty lighting. When I imported those same iPhone photos to my computer and got to look at them in Photoshop, I started to realize it was absolutely horrible. I tried playing around with hue, saturation, sharpness, etc, but not a single one of them actually was salvageable in their current state. So I dug out my digital camera (which I found absolutely amusing it was stashed with my sonic screwdrivers) and went to take some pictures. Except, I had no where to take them!

I went looking for a light colored sheet. And a place with some decent lighting. Something to help prop up the mini monsters. It became this whole process to get some decent pictures. I haven’t actually looked at them yet, since I felt this need to blog about it. But next on the list is to go through all of the new photos and see what I can use in the pattern (and whether or not I will have to take more).

I am thankful for a handful of things though. My notes. I had a bunch of extra notes, which helped make the writing of the pattern process go smoothly. Different colored pens. I started writing my pattern with the lightest color (a green), then used pink, blue, and black. This might sound kind of ridiculous, but when I was frogging bits and starting again, it meant I could make a few minutes and still be able to understand what I was writing because I knew what order the colored pens were used in. Extras and tidbits. I’m hoping that these will help make things easier on people who want to recreate Pepe in a similar way. I’m glad I took note of these things and how I achieved it.

I’m hoping to be able to get the pattern finished, ask a few friends to proof-read, and then post on etsy and ravelry by Friday.

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