Taking my Time

It’s difficult for me to remember when I used to just rush through making amis. I wanted them to be done and I didn’t care if it wasn’t perfect. Except, over many years I started to pride myself on the fact that it wasn’t how quickly I could produce a doll, but how lovely it was when I finished. And I wanted to know that my attention to detail meant I was creating a better quality product.

I do the largest portion of my creating late at night. I’m often so excited I break out the camera and try to go take some photos immediately. Except the pictures never turn out quite the way I want, but I make do. A little bit of playing around in photoshop and I can get them to be a little bit better.

Except they don’t look like the photos I see on etsy. Or ebay. Or craftgawker. And this bothers me.

So I googled how to take better photos and found a handful of really good ideas for transforming a box into a little macro photo studio. I also read few times that sunny days in the shade are the best. Except with it being the rainy season, even the sunny days tend to be rather windy. I’d prefer not to bother with the wind, but I do get some good sun in some rooms of the house. So maybe with the right equipment, and some ‘daylight’ bulbs for my desklamp, I might be able to produce some better photos without having to buy a new camera.

Here’s to hoping. I’m on my way to the craft store to pick up some supplies now.

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