Free Pattern: Chomsky (now available)


Listing my pattern on etsy means that there was an awful lot of people who said some amazingly nice things to me. Most of them, of course, were my friends. Along with all of the usual I got a handful of suggestions as well. Some of them were ideas that I had thought about anyway, like writing some free patterns to offer here on the site. I also had a few requests for crochet patterns.

So I created Chomsky tonight to be a crochet pattern that I will be offering for free on the free patterns page or you can download him [here].

One of the best parts of coming up with patterns is thinking about how I want them to look. When Chomsky was originally designed I was sitting at Starbucks with one of my best friends enjoying a coffee (or two). I love doodling on my iPad, but I’m a terrible artist. Truly horrible. One of the best things about being terrible at drawing is that my knit and crochet little monster don’t need to be beautiful on paper… or screen. They only need to be feasibly transferable to yarn in some form or another.

Chomsky ended up being a bit darker in color than my original drawing, but I rather like the darker shade of yarn. I also wasn’t 100% sure how to make the feet work. I tried to crochet some more 3-D feet, but it just wasn’t working. Instead I ended up felting the yarn, so I gave up on crocheting some little feet… which really are more toes. Though I’m not disappointed by how his feet ended up after all.

This little guy is a pretty fast project. I almost want to try a different yarn and see if I can make him in a bigger size. Though I’m really loving my teeny little monsters.

Don’t be afraid to send a message with pictures of your completed Chomsky’s! I look forward to seeing what colors you’ve chosen!


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