To sell or not to sell

When it comes to designing stuff on your own, there comes a moment when you have to decide to either write down every single mistake and step, and then go through the process of typing it all into a pattern that might have some semblance of coherency. And then deciding on how and to whom to publish through. As a crafter, whenever I was stuck without a pattern for what I wanted, I just made it up. Sometimes this meant that things went horribly bad and I spent more time frogging projects than making projects. Other times I got lucky with what I was doing and it worked out really well.

Here’s an example of when it worked out well. A holiday Xmas wreath I made quite a few years ago for a silent auction at work. This was taken on a really crappy camera phone (nothing like the cameras available on even iPhones now). But this is an example of a time when my experimentation… just worked!

crochet wreath

I wish I had some photos of the failed experiments, but I don’t have any of those. Because who wants pictorial evidence of one’s failures?? Yeah, me either. Once I started making amigurumi dolls, I wanted to keep going. I wanted to make my own. I had all of these great plans to write patterns for these amazing ideas in my head! Unlike a million other creative outlets, crochet was something I was actually good at doing.

Mirella the bunny (named after a friend of mine, who would wear a dress like this in a heartbeat!). Another experiment where I took 2-4 different amigurumi patterns and worked/re-worked bits to fit into what I wanted/needed. She turned out well, better than I expected, but I stopped writing down what I was doing.

Mirella the Bunny

But I was lazy. And tired. And getting old. My hand were hurting after a couple of hours of working. What I wanted was to keep going and going, but my hands and wrists argued with me and chose otherwise. Enter: Knitting. Knitting has been amazing for creativity, as well as my hands and wrists. I don’t get the same pain crafting with needles as I did with crochet hooks. And so… the love began.

So, to make a really long story short, after working on many different Danger Crafts monster patterns, I decided that no only do I absolutely love making monsters, but I liked the knitting portion as well. And thus began the process of making dolls with knitting instead of crochet. I had only seen fairly ugly and unattractive dolls that were knit, and my brain just couldn’t understand how to get knitting to look good in smaller, more intricate patterns in the same way that crocheted dolls did. But Rebecca Danger’s monster dolls (and even her other animal dolls) are very cute. And definitely NOT ugly.

I don’t know where the idea for mini monsters was born. I think it was a little bit of making ornaments and the simplicity of it. The fact that it was a fast knit, and I was able to create an object, a finished object, in a couple of days. Before, like say, Mirella, it would take me at least 2 weeks to complete. I prefer the finished doll within a couple of day over weeks worth of work.

And so the mini monsters project was born. But now I’m stuck with a different dilemma. Do I type up the notes and patterns and offer them for sale? What do I offer for free to bring people to the site? I mean, it seems only fair that I should offer at least a handful of my patterns for anyone and everything. But at the same time I’d also like my time and energies to yield me a little bit of money.

So I’m stuck between trying to figure out which patterns I should sell for a small fee, and which patterns I should offer for free. Needless to say, that’s the only reason why Pepe‘s pattern is not up and available just yet. I also finished Madeline, but I’m saving those photos just now. I’ve got 4 more designs drawn and will likely spend the remainder of the week working on at least the two mini monsters patterns that I plan on offering for free. Until then I’m hoping I can remember to blog more often.

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