First Monster Finished

I only took me a couple of days to complete the first Danger Crafts knit monster. My friends have all said wonderful things about it and I’ve even gotten a handful of requests for some to be made.

I took a couple of days off before starting the next one, and this guy is a beast!! 60 rows for the belly portion! He’s taking much longer to complete but I’ve discovered a handful of things while working on the new monster.

First: I can knit without looking at. My hands so long as it’s only knit stitches (and since I’m working in the round, the monster is done in stockinette). And Second: I can knit and read at the same time. This is amazing news, especially for doing redundant things like making big bellies. It does seem to slow my mnitting down a little bit, but I’m able to do two things at once. This is HUGE for me. I truly never thought I would be that knitting, believing that reading and knitting was an exaggeration. It really isn’t. And it’s really possible.

And now for Dot.

Dot the knit monster

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