My Hand at Entrelac

I decided that I wanted to try something different with my the two balls of fingering weight Chroma from Knitpicks than what I’d done with the other colorways. I had made a scarf for my best friend, and a scarf for another good friend. But the scarf for me, I was drawing a blank. I didn’t want to copy one of the other two scaves, and I wanted something different. I tried a few different patterns but none of them looked right with the yarn. Because Chroma is similar to Noro in the way the colors change, I figured I’d chance trying my hand at entrelac.

The first time I had seen entrelac was a couple years ago when I first started reading crazyauntpurl. She had been working on her own scarf, if I remember correctly, though she was working with the real Noro stuff. Noro falls just a wee bit out of my price range right now, and Chroma is a lovely yarn.

The first time I started was earlier yesterday while sitting at Starbucks. I didn’t know what to expect, so it was truly an experiment. I knew that Since I wasn’t using bulky or even worsted I knew that the pattern I was using wasn’t going to work. It wasn’t wide enough. So I doubled the number of cast-on stitches as part of my experiment. Once I got through the original 24 cast-on stitches I knew that 48 was too many.

I made it all the way across the initial starting row of triangles, knitting back and forth, turning my work each time. By the time I finished that first row of triangles, before hitting the squares, I knew that I didn’t want to keep turning my work. I have this tendency to turn in the same direction every time I turn my work. Of course then I spend a little bit trying to spin my yarn to get the twist out of it.

This girl… hates twisted yarn.

So after my time in WoW (World of Warcraft for the non-gamers), I picked up my needles, frogged what little I had done, and started over again. This time learning how to purl backwards too. Because the fewer times I’ve got to go round and round the better off I’ll be. Part of this experiment will include knitting backwards too.

Hopefully this ends in success.

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