My First Taste of Noro

Entrelac is very time consuming. It seems that while it’s so very pretty to look at as you’re working in it, it sucks to feel like you’re getting no where for all the work. The starting of the entrelac was very deceiving as well. It looks like it will be less-wide than it turns out after you finish off a few rows of the squares. Once I got the knitting backwards down… excuse me purling backwards… and memorized how to deal with each row, I simply grew bored of the progression. I will likely frog the current progress I’ve made with the scarf, and either lessen the number of stitches for each section or remove a section entirely to make the entire project more reasonable.

So about a week ago I went to the LYS with a good friend. We were sitting around discussing how bored we were during the day (seeing as we’re both currently unemployed) and we decided to look around at what’s available in a brick and mortar shop. Mind you, I’ve always been an online yarn buyer, outside of the stuff you can pick up from Michaels for quick baby blanket projects. My snooty yarn lover life started with a couple of online yarn stores* and progressed from there. Some of the yarns available at the LYS were lovely, but the selection was fairly dismal. We had just missed the Sit & Knit, and I imagine those left were all regulars.

Noro Silk Garden 267 We both found our way over to the Noro. On the surface some Noro feels really rough to the touch. The different fibers used that make the yarn so lovely to look at is also what makes the yarn feel scratchy. I keep hearing all these great things about Noro but had never seen any up close and personal. I’ve been interested in making the Noro Striped Scarf with other yarn, but figured why not try tonmake the scarf with actual Noro. I picked up 4 balls of Noro, 2 each in two different colorways (Silk Garden 267 and 87). I went with the size 7 knitting needles like suggested on the yarn.

Noro Silk Garden 87

I looked up a video and some blog posts on how to start and what to do for the transition between the two different colored yarns. As well as how to do a 1×1 rib cast-on. almost at once I started to notice the lovely way the colors transitioned and how quickly it worked up. It was surprising how fast I was able to power through the scarf. On the second day of consistently working on only this scarf, I was casting on the second skeins of each color. I was also surprised to find that both colors worked up equally and finished at exactly the same moment. The balls looked liked one would end up having more leftover than the other, but that was not the case even up to the very end.

I did notice that I knit much more loosely with this 1×1 rib pattern but that the fabric it created was so lovely and thick. The scar,f after finishing off, was much softer on the skin than I thought it might be after man-handling the yarn strands. The color transition is amazing! I loved how the darks and lights of the one colorway (267, which appears to be a discontinued colorway**) were paired with the brights colors of the other colorway (87).


One of the other great things I enjoyed about this pattern was the brainlessness of it (and I don’t mean that in a bad way). While creating an amazing item, it is easy enough to knit up in public while continuing to have converations with people. I was even able to help a good friend work through the mistakes in her scarf. I finished off while sitting at Starbucks (Sbux for short) with some friends. I immediately threw the scarf around my neck and it was unbelievably warm. I think it has and will become my goto scarf for everyday wear. I’m stoked to get started on a similar scarf but done in Knitpick’s Chroma.

Noro Scarf Finished

* Particularly Woolgirl (back when she had a shop) and The Loppy Ewe. And after awhile Knitpicks for affordable and consistent availability in colors.
** This is actually a really lovely colorway because of the soft browns, medium browns and blacks. It would be a good secondary color for so many other colors in the Silk Garden line.

Edit: So I started pimping my Noro Striped Scarf not long after it was finished because we started getting some pretty horribly cold weather again. It was perfect and worked so well. I got a lot of compliments on it because of it’s awesome colors. I can’t wait to get a few more of these worked up for next winter. I also fixed the pictures that were broken for some strange reason.

Noro Scarf Worn

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