Some people are addicted to things like alcohol or cigarettes. I have an addiction with yarn. It’s not just your simple run of the mill addiction, though. Oh no, that might mean there’s an easy fix for the type of problem I suffer from. I have the version of yarn addiction that has me purchase yarn in ungodly quantities (of course with the intention of making something), and then having it sit in the closet. Unused. Untouched. Well, touched every time I wander in there to take a look at what I’ve got for whatever random project I’ve decided on next.

My issue goes even deeper than this. If I make myself socks out of some of this more luxurious yarn, then I feel bad. The socks go unused. It’s irrational, really, since I love knitting socks. But if I use the more expensive and softer yarns, then I will never wear the socks. So the plan is always to make gloves, or scarves, or 1-skein stoles/shawls out of the nicer yarn. Except I can never bring myself to start one of those projects. Oh no. Why on earth would I ever use the yarn I’ve got when there’s perfectly good yarn to be purchased!

While I was on my 2.5 month leave, I had planned to make all sorts of things for people. I wanted to finish a blanket I had started for my dad. I wanted to make socks for people, numerous people. I wanted to finish my sweater… the same sweater I’ve been working on for at least two winters. I had big plans to use all of that free time to get these things done… and I didn’t get much done at all. My sweater is still unfinished. I never picked up my dad’s unfinished blanket (though I did start a new one, but never finished it either). I started socks for my best friend, but didn’t finish them. I didn’t even suffer from one-sock-syndrome… I simply never finished the first one.

Chroma Ball

But I purchased more yarn. When I’m bored I browse Knitpicks and The Loopy Ewe fairly often. I can usually be really good and only be tempted by one or two go-to items that always catch my attention. However, on this day, while browsing Knitpicks, I stumbled across an advertisement for their new Chroma line. I immediately went and bought some.

I think it’s the subtle way in which the colors change. I love color changing yarn. I always have. But some patterns simply don’t look good with the sharp contrasts in color, and the abrupt lines. So some of my beautiful yarn that’s multi-colored will sit there until I find a use for it. I knew exactly what I was going to do with it, and the second my Knitpicks box arrived, I reached in and pulled one of the balls out and cast on.

I’m doing a simple scarf that has random panels of stockinette stitch in various heights with a 5 stitch wide border done in seed stitch. I’m hoping the recipient of the scarf loves it as much as I’ve grown to love it, because I’m going to have a very hard time parting with it.

I picked up two 100 gram balls in 3 different colorways to see how I’d like the way the different colors match up. They offer two solid colors so that you can work on doing cool stuff with multiple colors. Although I’m not yet ready to venture down that path just yet, I’ll stick with making pretty and soft scarves out of the yarn.

It’s a single ply, which is something new for me. I find that I occasionally try to knit into the ply missing the space to knit into entirely. But I don’t regret buying it at all. My only regret is getting fingering weight and not the worsted, because this scarf is taking forever. It’s a nice delicate and light scarf though, perfect for many different occasions (including no-freezing temps).

I can’t wait to gift this so I can share pictures of the final product.

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