Well, it’s functional

One of the biggest issues I have with sewing is what order I’m supposed to put things together. I have the hardest time understanding patterns, so make-shifting something together almost always means I’m going to fail. And fail miserably. And forget something.

Yesterday I wrote about wanting something even kinda sorta like the miPattern made by Slipped Stitch Studios on etsy. It looks like this:

miPattern Saver

So if I were not the super poor person that I am I would just buy one. I am all for supporting people on etsy. I have spent my fair share of money on patterns and stitch markers, and homemade marshmallows (omg these are so amazing!) I just don’t have $35 extra right now. So I set my sights on trying to fake one. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to figure out how to make the actual item, especially with little to no help.

I stopped at Joann’s on the way home yesterday to pick a couple of fat squares (they’re not technically square, but 18″ x 21″, but they’re called fats anyway). I also snagged a little bit of vinyl (which was the most expensive item I picked up). I managed to get out of Joann’s having spent just over $12. This did not include a snap/clasp, because I thought I’d use something else, but yeah, we’ll get to that.

Once I decided to start working on it, I ironed out the two sections of fabric and then set about trying to get my non-sewing brain to understand how exactly to make this. I have these weird divider things left over from something my step-mom gave me years ago. So I cut those up to be the “inserts”. From the pictures it doesn’t look like there is “cardboard” in there. It actually looks like of puffy (which would have been an amazing effect, honestly). Except I can’t for my life figure out how they did that. So I doubled up the fabric on the front and the middle section.

After I stupidly sewed all the parts together I realized I needed to have attached the clasp piece LONG before I put the pink and the black parts together. And so, mine’s like a book. No clasp. No pocket (I was sure as hell not going to try to figure that part out). No little tag/pen holder thing either.

cover of pretend miPattern saver

Look, after all was said and done, the fact that I could actually put 8.5″ x 11″ sheets of paper in there and fold it in half made me feel accomplished. The edging is atrocious and if it weren’t made for ONLY my use, I’d throw it in the trash. But, I have it made now. I am highly considering buying a real one next pay check. Just because it’s really that bad. Here are the iphone photos I took.

Here’s the outer part. It’s a damn shame that there wasn’t more of this fabric, because I really liked. it. Although, truthfully, it’s probably better for the world to not be bothered with my terrible sewing skills. No really. It is a tragedy that the fabric was made for this. Ah well.

middle of fake mipattern saver

As you can see from this photo that I can, in fact, fit real paper in there. It’s a little bit bigger so the pages aren’t snug. I don’t have issues getting them in there or back out again. The pages also don’t stick out off the edge (I just had them pulled out a little bit to show the plastic part). So all in all I’m kind of amazed that it actually works.

And so there we have it. My little sewing adventure worked this time. Next time it might actually end up being rather tragic.

** NOTE ** I did not write anything down, so please don’t ask what the measurements were for anything. I truly just set a piece of paper on the vinyl and made sure I had at least a half inch border all around. Then put the plastic on the fabric and cut. I’m not very smart when it comes to sewing, since I could have screwed this up BIG time and ended up with a bunch of wasted pieces of fabric. This particular experiment worked alright. I fully support you buying from Slipped Stitch Studios if you can.

3 Responses to "Well, it’s functional"

  • For just trying to figure it out and doing it off the top of your head, I think you did well! Ok so maybe the sewing and border aren’t perfect, but it does what you want it to, right?

    My thoughts on a clasp are getting a pair of magnets and sewing a little pocket in the middle of each of the edges that come together, so when you fold it, it just grabs the other side, if that makes sense.

    1 Lisana said this (October 2, 2010 at 5:29 am) Reply

    • Oh! Actually a magnetic closure works! I’m not sure I’m willing to venture another go at this. Thanks for the compliments Lisana. 🙂

      2 Deinera said this (October 2, 2010 at 6:02 am) Reply

  • “…please don’t ask what the measurements were for anything”


    3 Russ said this (October 4, 2010 at 5:08 pm) Reply

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