Mirella the Bunny

When I decided that I would make an amigurumi doll as a fair entrant, I browsed for colors and yarn on Knit Picks to see if I could find all of the colors I would want/need for the project. My experience with the human-like dolls were from Elizabeth D.‘s pattern and from her book as well as from Dawn Toussaint. I’ve made a total of four dolls down, with Mirella being the newest one.

When I looked at yarn colors I had Dawn’s sweaters and skirts in mind, but when I imagined what my doll would look like I had Elizabeth’s doll in mind. Except that I had things I knew I would want to do differently. So the basic pattern is similar in different ways to both of these amazing amigurumi pattern writers and creators, but in the ends, the majority of what I did for Mirella was off the top of my head.

I named the doll after a friend of mine from the days when I worked at Starbucks. She was one of the few people who was nice and kind no matter what. At the time she was very young, just out of high school. A baby compared to my nearly 30 self. Her innocence was endearing and her shock of what was actually out there in the world was cute. The idea in my head of the style and color of the dress was inspired by her, so who better to name the doll after. Not to mention she has one of the most unique names I’ve ever encountered.

Mirella the Rabbit 1 - With FlashThe flash on this photo is a bit harsh. I spent most of the day working on her, and when I got to this point I didn’t want to try to figure too much out with regard to lighting. That will come eventually. I also need to get one of those fancy doll-holder-thingies so that I can stand dolls up without leaning them up against walls. The intention was to make one of those fashionable (I think they’re ugly and would never wear one, but it’s what in fashion these days) half sweaters with short sleeves. Something you’d wear in the spring/summer because you don’t really want to be warm, but you want a little bit of covered. I was so tired by this point I gave up on making a sweater for her. Though I tried! A few times. *sigh*

Mirella the Bunny's Dress

I also had other ideas, but after making the dress my creativity was running on empty. And so, This is her.
Here is a shot of the dress. I under estimated the amount of fabric I would need to comfortably go around the doll, especially the bell. So I added the clasps afterward to keep her, uh, a little on the appropriate side. I need to spend some time in the near future learning the order in which you’re supposed to put things together, because I didn’t do the most amazing job putting this dress together. On the right side, it looks okay, but on the back… not so much.

So here it is. She went off to the fair for judging just like this. I can’t wait to find out how I did. This particular fair is next weekend, and I’m sure someone I work with will tell me how I placed.

Next on the needles are some rainbow arm warmers. It’s nearly summer, so truly I don’t need arm warmers, but I love the yarn so much I simply couldn’t wait to get started. I have forgotten how much I enjoy striping yarn and how easy socks and such are when you’re not doing a lace pattern. It goes so much faster to just go and go in knit stitches.

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