A Proper Craft Room

I had always heard stories of people who had “Yarn Rooms” or “Craft Rooms” and I never really believed it were possible. I mean, who has that much extra space in their homes? Apparently more people that I would have imagined. But upon moving in with the boyfriend, and a couple of arguments over the use of the now empty room, I was able to get myself a proper Craft Room.

Over the years I went through many different craft phases. I wanted to pain miniatures so I bought a bunch of pain and such for that. That lasted only as long as it took me to pain one mini. I wanted to learn how to paint watercolor on small little cards, and that lasted only as long as it took me to make about 4 (the first of which was terrible). I understand now how watercolors work, but yeah, not my cuppa tea. I also spent a significant amount of money on cross stitching with the intention to make a lot of items and that fell by the wayside.

All in all, the only crafts to actually stick by me (and me with them) are those involving yarn. Particularly, crochet and knit.

Mind you, I knew when the decision was made to move, that I had a lot of craft supplies. And by a lot of craft supplies I mean I could easily fill a room with all my junk. At the apartment I had it stashed all over the place. At the top of that closet. At the bottom of this other closet. In the corner in boxes. In plastic bags inside other boxes. My apartment was truly the worst possible place to try to find anything craft related. Except, of course, the yarn. Which invaded a particular section of my kitchen/dining room. Yeah. Needless to say, the desire and need of a craft room was beyond necessary. I also need to stop playing World of Warcraft and start, y’know, crafting with all that… craft stuff.

Craft Room - From the doorFrom the doorway of the craft room you can see the drafting table on the left. My old entertainment center. The cat’s bed. The cat-sitting-in-the-window area. My bookshelf chocked full of all things crafty (books are only along the bottom). In the center is my new sewing table. It is still a work in progress and hopefully it’ll be less cluttered (or full of boxes) after awhile.

The Yarn ClosetSo now we see the yarn closet. Which, is very full of yarn. All the bags along the top are projects… involving yarn. The roll-away basket is Works In Progress. There is an alcove between the two closets which currently has a small bookshelf up on it. The black thing on the bottom right is the corner of the sewing table. Truly I have some serious spending issues with regard to yarn and I might want to consider seeking a therapist for my obsessive problem. *sigh* I swear, it was meant to be projects!!

Craft Room - Behind the doorAnd lastly the view from behind the door. There’s the drafting table no longer being used as my desk (though my netbook is still there). The milk crate table in the corner and some shelves. I’d like to see a little more of this around the room, but we’ll see. I like using the wall space for sticky notes (though there were none as of the photo). On the entertainment center next to the drafting table is the “printer” computer that’s only there as a printing hub. And the printers. It’ll be interesting to see how this all works out, since the setup is very different than it was at my apartment.

And there it is. Now to deal with kitchen stuff and some more boxes to unpack and I might actually get to spend some quality time in this room.

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  • Sweet! This looks amazing. Love how organized it is! I’m excited for you and your future projects. Yay. Please do keep taking photos and show your works-in-progress!

    You’re inspiring me to get my stuff organized…

    1 Ivymere said this (June 2, 2010 at 4:14 pm) Reply

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